Calculate users' self-employment taxes, automatically detect income and deductions, and make quarterly tax payments.

Our members expect us to make their financial lives easier by helping them avoid penalties and find tax savings.
Anthony Mironov
CEO, Wingspan

The Problem

68 million independent workers in America have to figure out how much they owe in taxes on the 1099 income they earn, set it aside, and pay quarterly estimated taxes to tax authorities. This is extra work these workers have to do in order to avoid penalties.

The Solution

What if their bookkeeping apps did the busy work for them, automatically calculating and withholding taxes owed so they didn’t spend it, submitting their quarterly tax payments so they avoided penalties, and generating tax forms instantly with one click?

Business Objectives

Increase Engagement

Create helpful contexts around new business income or expenses to pull users back into the app.

Increase Retention

Helping users set aside enough for taxes keeps them coming back again and again.

Increase Revenue

Offer new must-have paid features like Quarterly Tax Payments.

Case Study


Now, Wingspan is able to offer a more complete, automatic, and concierge-like bookkeeping experience.


Confidence on income and expense transaction predictions starting on Day 1.

24 hours

The time it took Wingspan to integrate and make their first IRS tax payment.

Case Study

Case Study

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