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Our mission

Improve the financial security, wealth, and wellness for millions of self-employed Americans.

Our vision

A world where workers are more independent, resilient, and free to choose their own path, on their own terms.

Where we are headed

oday, the relationship between workers and those who hire them is rapidly changing.

Today, the relationship between workers and those who hire them is rapidly changing.

The old ways of work relied on the expectation that both workers and employers were in a committed career-long mutual relationship. For a range of reasons, both workers and employers seek more flexibility and are increasingly favoring non-employee arrangements.

However, this new way of work leaves independent workers without the safety net of benefits and withholdings that the employer normally provides to their employees.

Providing workers with access to--and the ability to contribute to-- benefits isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a brand new business opportunity for increasing retention, revenue, and compliance.

This is about building the future that independent workers want to work in.

Speed, Accuracy, & Interoperability

Our Real-Time Tax Ledger opens up a world where finances, taxes, and benefits for independent workers is no longer slow, inaccurate, and disconnected.

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Our Values


We are relentless in understanding the challenges facing independent workers and those that serve them. Our commitment comes through in everything we do.


Our team is tasked with improving financial outcomes for businesses and the workers they serve. Our technologies enable features that give them both more flexibility and control.


We value autonomy, resiliency, and the diversity of ideas and experiences each of us brings to the team. Ultimately, our efforts help make workers more independent themselves.

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