Abound handles the painstaking process of submitting your tax forms to the IRS, all states, and your payees. You can initiate batch filings using the dashboard, or automate your entire filing process using the API. All tax documents are available for download, viewable inside the Drop-in UI component, and deliverable via USPS.

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IRS & State Filing

Abound supports filing for 1099 + 1042-S forms, and automatically handles the state filing (if necessary) for every US state + Washington DC.


Filings can be triggered in the Abound dashboard with a single click: file up to 100k 1099s at a time.

Filter and query your 1099s to see exactly where they are in the process.

dashboard batch filing
1099 corrections


Corrections are easy to deal with inside the Abound dashboard.

Multiple-step corrections are handled automatically for you, and your correction history is discoverable in one place.


For large workloads, the Abound API can be utilized to programmatically trigger filings.

The API is intuitive, easy to implement, and lightning fast.

API filing


Part of the tax compliance process is the delivery of 1099s + 1042-Ss to your payees. Abound provides multiple channels to automate delivery of your tax forms.

Digital delivery

You can trigger the batch email delivery of 1099 + 1042 forms to your payees with one click.

All tax forms generated within Abound are accessible to you and your payees via a secure download link.

digital delivery

Physical delivery

Abound works with a third party mail delivery service to enable the physical delivery of your tax forms to the recipients, all from the Dashboard or API.

physical delivery