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It’s pretty common to use other vendors to assist with managing the books, making payments or submitting tax filings.

For many of us, accounting, tax compliance and finance management are murky matters that we’d rather handoff. If we can outsource the busy work to a reliable partner, we call that a win.

However, if outsourcing these back office functions also means handing control of your end user’s experience over to the vendor, this can create unnecessary anxiety for your end users. 

Your end users (contractors, sellers, and account holders) entered into a business relationship with you and expect that if they need support related to the engagement - you can provide it.

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Good user experience

You provide a copy of your end user’s tax documents and assist with updates when requested

You provide timely notification and delivery of payments and tax forms, every time

You provide a secure and consistent user experience in your product, helping build confidence and loyalty

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Bad user experience

Force your end users to register with a 3rd party to access or correct their tax documents

You erode end user trust by redirecting them to external vendor’s websites

You don’t verify the accuracy of tax information/TIN during the registration or onboarding process, resulting in frozen payments or missing tax forms

If you value end-to-end control over your user experience, it’s time to talk to Abound. Our API and Dashboard makes it easy to provide top tier experiences to your end users. Reach out to Abound at partner@withabound.com to take back control.

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