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1099 Compliance and Tax APIs for those paying or serving the independent economy.

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Trusted tax solutions



A modern solution for W-9 collection, TIN verifications, 1099 filings, corrections, and more for federal and state-level compliance.

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A full suite of APIs to automate bookkeeping, calculate taxes, submit quarterly tax payments, and generate tax documents.

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Abound is built to serve


Make bank accounts more "self-driving" for freelancers

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Calculate users' taxes, identify deductions, and make tax payments

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Help professionals pay self employment taxes on each invoice

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Truly developer-friendly APIs

APIs that are easy to understand, implement, and iterate, rather than building from scratch.

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Why you should build with Abound®

Built for developers

Our well documented API can be integrated in less than a day

Tax optimized

Designed to help independent workers keep more of their earnings


Compliant for the business, avoiding statutory employment risks

End-to-end solution

Complete suite of tax and benefit features for independent workers

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