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November 25, 2020

Track is now Abound

The name “Track” made sense at the time of our founding in 2015. started out as a friendly chatbot that would keep an eye on an independent worker’s bank account and offer to set aside enough for taxes every time it detected new 1099 income.

Five years later, our company is thinking beyond just handling tax withholding. Today, we continue our mission by powering the apps that serve independent workers through a new category we’ve defined: independent benefits API. We’re helping the best businesses in the independent economy win through increased retention, revenue, and compliance. We do this by enabling our partners to easily embed benefits into their products, setting aside enough to cover taxes, retirement, healthcare, insurance, and more.

We needed a name that evokes not just financial security, but prosperity. A name that is optimistic and more ambitious. A name that gives us a clear purpose while remaining relevant and flexible for where opportunities may take us in the future.

We are thrilled to announce that our new brand name is Abound. Our mission to increase wealth and wellness for independent workers is better served with this name, as “abound” means to flourish, prosper, or exist in abundance.

To all of our partners today and tomorrow, we’re committed to building the future that independent workers want to work in together.


Trent Bigelow
CEO, Abound

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