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October 17, 2021

For Fintech's Sake interview with Trent Bigelow, CEO of Abound

Zach Anderson Pettet interviews Abound's CEO, Trent Bigelow, in an extended interview on the For Fintech's Sake podcast. Their friendship makes for a radically candid conversation covering Trent, Alex, and Chris' journey as freelancers to founders. They go in depth on how fintech both B2C and infrastructure can work together to better serve independent workers. An unstructured, free-flowing chat over coffee spans behavioral science to early-stage grit.

A bit about Abound

We're on a mission to improve financial security, wealth, and wellness for America's 68 million independent workers. We'll achieve this by helping the businesses that serve or pay them improve revenue, retention, and compliance through tax and benefits features. We believe that these businesses should focus on the work of finding and keeping customers -- not having to research, build, and maintain underlying tax infrastructure.

Joining Abound

Our greatest asset is our people. Seriously. We've built a dream team of thinkers, tinkerers, and doers. Help us better serve businesses and workers in the Independent Economy as we build a massive platform that matters. You'll have an opportunity not just to build cutting-edge, next-gen tech but products that truly impact people's lives and livelihoods.

Abound is ventured-backed by the smartest investors in fintech with great customers already in market and both big brands and emerging startup customers launching every month. Help us keep up with this rapid growth and prepare for even bigger things we have in store. Check out the link below for the latest job openings across Engineering, Operations, Growth, and Product that come with competitive compensation, ownership, and benefits.


Trent Bigelow
CEO, Abound

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