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September 21, 2021

An Improved DX @ Abound

Abound understands that while our API is not the center of the universe, the developers who consume our API are the center of our universe.  It’s our job to optimize our customers’ application development cycles so that we maximize the number of independent workers served every day.

In that spirit, Abound is excited to announce several updates to our developer experience intended to get our customers up and running in minutes and to keep developers more productive and happy. Here’s what you’ll find within Abound’s new docs and dashboard:

Postman. In order to make our API more accessible for new and existing developers, we’ve published a Postman collection. Abound uses the same Postman collection internally, and we believe it will propel your team’s productivity during implementation.

Recipes, linked here, are like a show and tell for Abound’s APIs that give developers a head start. Recipes offer step-by-step code walkthroughs -- for both tax calculations and tax payments -- right in our documentation. Each recipe sequences written instructions with code samples in a user-driven UX, embedded directly within our docs.

SDKs. Our Node SDK is available now, and Java is in development. Python, C#, Go and Ruby are on the roadmap.

Incorporated credentials and sample data. Within our reference, we’ve added bearer auth and sample data to help developers new to Abound understand what our API does, quickly grasp its required functionality, and make a first API call as swiftly as possible. Registered developers will find relevant account info (e.g. API keys, etc) pre-populated so that research and implementation is more seamless.

Many thanks to our customers who gave us the feedback that helped prioritize these features. Have a question about our roadmap? Or would you like to see a feature prioritized? Send us a note:


Daniel Hayes

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