Automate the 1099 lifecycle

A modern API solution for W-9 collection, TIN verifications, 1099 filings, corrections, and more for federal and state-level compliance.

Why businesses choose Abound

Scale effortlessly

from one to millions of filings, with the IRS and state authorities.

Save money

by avoiding the high costs charged by legacy providers.

Reduce risk

and prevent errors with a solution that evolves with ever-changing regulations.

One day

integration time to your first W-9, TIN verification or 1099 issuance.

How it works

Other solutions offer antiquated FTP uploads, disjointed taxpayer experiences and outdated API solutions. We’ve modernized 1099 compliance — saving your team time and money.

Automate W-9 information collection

Quickly identify your compliance gaps, automate the busy work of collecting W-9 information, and verify taxpayer's tax identification numbers.


Always have an updated Form W-9 on file when your taxpayers make a change to their profile.

Securely gather user information in your app, under your brand, without having to touch the PII.

Confidently file your 1099s

Effortlessly initiate your 1099 filings with the confidence that you'll avoid costly penalties and expenses from submitting invalid forms.


Generate and file Form 1099 to Federal and State tax authorities with just one click.

Error proof filing with information validation.

Bulk filing available.

Effortless form issuance

Immediately issue your 1099s upon generation to your taxpayer without additional effort.


Securely issue tax documents to your tax payers in your app, with your brand without having to touch the PII.

All documents are safely stored and instantly accessible on the Abound API.

Physical mail issuance is also available.

Transparent and in control

Monitor your filing statuses, TIN verifications and tax documents in an intuitive, enterprise-grade dashboard.


Invite your colleagues to your dashboard account with role-based access.

Run and export custom reports.

Allow your engineers to monitor and quickly troubleshoot your integration.

Our features

W-9 form generation
Error-proof form validation
Electronic and physical form issuance
Real-Time SSN, EIN & TIN verification
Form correction and void support
Complete state-level coverage
Document storage & retention
Bulk/batch filing support
Enterprise-level dashboard
Embeddable UI: fully white-labeled
Support for 1099-K, 1099-INT, and 1099-NEC
B-Notice automation and form generation (CP2100)

Trusted across Operations and Finance departments

"We are all impressed. This is what a modern company should look like."

Vijay Singh

"Given the drastic new changes to the 1099 reporting laws, Abound was an easy choice. Their functionality lets us concentrate on our core product and taking care of the families in our marketplace.”

Dori Graff

"Our members expect us to make their financial lives easier by helping them avoid penalties."

Anthony Mironov

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